Tuesday, September 29, 2015

0. Designing curved architectural elements using Revit. Overview of the tutorials.

Designing curved architectural elements using Revit

Complex buildings require complex models and complex modeling. Although doubly curved curtain walls have become a popular motif in contemporary architecture, they are not easy to design and model. This extended tutorial will go over several ideas for modeling a doubly curved surface and how the model can be represented using Revit. It consists of the following parts:

Part 1, A test surface
Part 2, Generating nodes
Part 3, A ribbon using adaptive components
Part 4, A facet
Part 5, A curved surface using a nine-point patch
Part 6, A curtain panel pattern based
Part 7, A brick
Part 8, A shingle       
Part 9, A strut
Part 10, An edge connector
Part 11, A vertex connector

Part 12, Examples

Or I may never finish this or change what I decide to post. 

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